Download the Fast Tracks Guides here:

This program is "version 2.0" and has been tweaked from the original Fast Tracks after they were used and tested.  It is  more in depth, as it creates monthly themes for the Pack (Tribes), and everyone's advancements are all based around that theme.
It really looks to be a good idea, especially for new leaders coming into scouting.
(Thanks to Greg Hoyes!)

NEW Fast Tracks Tiger.pdf

NEW Fast Tracks Wolf.pdf

NEW Fast Tracks Bear.pdf

NEW Fast Tracks Webelos1.pdf

NEW Fast Tracks Webelos 2 (Arrow of Light)

NEW Cub Scout Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide


Online Training - Youth Protection and Leader Training

Simple Flag Ceremony for Cub Scouts (in PDF Format)



Scout Cyber Chip



Zionsville Pack 358 PackMaster Acceptable Use Policy

1. The PackMaster software package purchased by Zionsville Pack 358 is only to be used by registered Pack 358 adult volunteers. These volunteers must have successfully passed the Scout background checks and other requirements.

2. The volunteer must possess a current Youth Protection training certificate

3.  PackMaster and the information contained within is only to be used for Scouting related activates.  All other use of this information is strictly prohibited, without exception.

4. Upon leaving Zionsville Pack 358, the volunteer is expected to remove the PackMaster software from their personal computer.

5.Any violation of this policy could result in expulsion of the adult volunteer from Pack 358.

6. By downloading and installing PackMaster, you agree to these conditions.

Download the PackMaster Guide:

NEW Packmaster 2011 Install Guide (pdf)